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Early Treatment

Early or Interceptive Treatment

Early/Interceptive treatment

It is recommended that children receive an orthodontic assessment at 8-9 years of age. This allows Dr Helen Flint to identify and correct developing problems with the teeth and jaws, to give the adult teeth the best possible chance of erupting correctly. Not all children will require interceptive treatment, but in those that do, correctly timed treatment will reduce the need for complex orthodontic treatment later on.

We commonly provide interceptive treatment for the following conditions:

  • Crossbites

  • Large overjet (protrusive upper teeth)

  • Severe crowding

  • Thumb/finger sucking that continues as the adult teeth are erupting

  • Early loss of baby teeth due to trauma or tooth decay

At Annandale Village Orthodontics we are happy to welcome you and your child for an initial assessment to determine their need for interceptive orthodontic treatment. While we always advise that you see your general dentist regularly, no referral is required. If no treatment is recommended, we will provide complimentary growth and development checks until they are ready for treatment.

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